Write and graph an inequality that describes the situation

Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm. Grade 4 Arkansas 4. Use this principle to recognize and generate equivalent fractions.

Write and graph an inequality that describes the situation

There were differences in income between the regions of the world; but as you can see from Figure 1.

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Nobody thinks the world is flat today, when it comes to income. Countries are arranged according to GDP per capita from the poorest on the left of the diagram Liberiato the richest on the right Singapore. For every country there are ten bars, corresponding to the ten deciles of income.

Norway, the country with the second highest GDP per capita, does not have a particularly tall skyscraper it is hidden between the skyscrapers for Singapore and the third richest country, the US because income is more evenly distributed in Norway than in some other rich countries.

The analysis in Figure 1.

write and graph an inequality that describes the situation

World income distribution in Countries are ranked by GDP per capita from left to right. The interactive graphic and data to download are available here. Global Consumption and Income Project. Bob Sutcliffe designed the representation of global inequality in Figure 1.

A first version was published in: See the interactive version of this graph on the Globalinc website. World income distribution in In the ranking of countries by GDP was different.

The poorest countries, coloured darkest red, were Lesotho and China. The richest darkest green were Switzerland, Finland and then the US.

write and graph an inequality that describes the situation

At that time the skyscrapers were not as tall: World income distribution in You can see from the colours that some countries changed their ranking between and China dark red is now richer; Uganda, also red, is in the middle of the distribution amongst countries coloured yellow.

Some taller skyscrapers have appeared: World income distribution in Bymany countries have changed their ranking. China has grown rapidly since But the countries that were richest in darkest green are still near the top in Inequality within countries has risen Income distributions have become more unequal in many of the richer countries: In the middle-income countries, too, there is a big step up at the back of the figure: Two things are clear from the distribution.

First, in every country, the rich have much more than the poor.

It is more commonly defined as the income of the 90th percentile divided by that of the 10th percentile. Inequality within the very poorest countries is difficult to see in the graph, but it is definitely there: The second thing that jumps out from Figure 1. Average income in Norway is 19 times the average income in Nigeria.

He would report back that the differences in income between the countries of the world were relatively minor by comparison. Countries that took off economically before Figure 1. The vast differences in income between the countries of the world today take us back to Figure 1.

The countries that took off economically before —UK, Japan, Italy—are now rich.Write an inequality that describes this situation. Let c represent the number of cans of food that must be collected by the end of the third week for your class to meet or surpass your goal.

But before I could make the graph, I decided to write an inequality to represent the situation. While it would have been possible to create the graph without the inequality, I wouldn't have an.

Write and graph a linear inequality that represents th situation. you have $48 to spend on music and downloads. Each album download costs .

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