The professional experience i gained during my apprenticeship in the asset management team of bnp pa

It can really help when you are putting together your CV and application for internships or graduate jobs. A retail banking employer might not expect you to have a degree in finance, but may well place great importance on customer-related work experience. Here is a list of ten key competencies or skills that you can gain from retail jobs and tips on how to present your retail work experience to show you have the attitude and abilities the employer wants. Ten shop work skills that will help students get a graduate job 1.

The professional experience i gained during my apprenticeship in the asset management team of bnp pa

Management One of the key factors contributing to the success of MultiBank is its seasoned Senior Management Team who have extensive experience in technology, finance, trading and marketing.

Meet Our Senior Management Team! Taher has over 28 years of unparalleled experience in the financial and commercial industries worldwide.

He is responsible for the complete management of the MultiBank Group and the development and marketing of the MultiBank brand name worldwide. He is also involved in a number of strategic governmental projects in China, Russia and Japan.

In JulyMr. Nel draws on his in-depth technical and commercial understanding of the international financial market from concept to implementation across industries such as liquidity provider, fund managers, multi-account traders and affiliate marketers.

Yahya Taher is one of the key driving forces in MultiBank since its establishment in He currently plays a pivotal role in the business development and strategic partnerships of MultiBank, in addition to being responsible for the overall operations functions including risk management, finance and back office.

In andMr. He finished his undergraduate studies at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, where he graduated summa cum laude and phi beta kappa. In the past 15 years, Mr. Kennedy has created and managed systematic trading strategies for institutional investors primarily by partnering with global investment banks.

Giang has over 7 years of experience in Wealth Management and Banking where she specialized in financial planning, estate planning, and banking services for ultra-high net worth clients.

Prior to joining MultiBank, Ms.

2017 People Report

Giang works closely with the Senior Management Team to develop wealth management services and implements business plan and strategies on how to identify opportunities with clients. Gonzalez possesses over 15 years of experience as a professional in the financial sector, with more than 10 years specializing in the foreign exchange industry.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer at MEX Spain, responsible for financial operations and strategies and institutional relations. He specializes in training new Account Executives and in the creation and expansion of international departments focused on sales and international business development.

Fitzsimmons has over 9 years of experience in the Australian Financial Services Industry. Fitzsimmons has in-depth technical, commercial and internal compliance experience in the financial market from start-ups to well established financial companies.

Management Team

Her experience also includes budgeting, operations and business management. Kattoura has utilized his extensive industry experience and market knowledge in assisting MultiBank Group to maximize its profits through effective risk management systems.

Kattoura is responsible for the management and oversight of the trading desk and its operations work flow. He has gained professional knowledge to ensure that business operations are efficient in terms of optimizing the process of converting inputs into outputs.

He utilizes her skills in Business Administration to coordinate business interactions both internally and externally. Kbejan brings with him a wealth of experience of over 11 years.

Kbejan has decided to return to Sydney to relaunch our brands product offering with the best systems and liquidity available. As one of the most reputable IT Professionals within the derivatives industry, Mr. Kbejan constantly has his finger on the pulse to ensure that as our industry evolves, MultiBank is right there at the forefront.

He has an extremely successful sales record and possesses excellent client relationship management which has led to him being highly recognized by the MultiBank and the industry as a highly successful and valuable Director of Asia Sales.

She is responsible for global marketing, branding, media relations and business development aspects of the Group and oversees an array of strategic projects for the firm. Huang amassed from Glion has contributed in his leadership in managing the Asia Sales team at MultiBank.

The professional experience i gained during my apprenticeship in the asset management team of bnp pa

Huang has been able to facilitate and introduce retail and institutional clients that has been essential to the overall success of MultiBank Group. Chan believes that putting customers first is critical to success and he is proud of the reputation MultiBank has achieved and built globally throughout the years.

Kazma has 9 years of experience in the financial markets. Kazma started his career in working for an established forex broker in the Middle East. Zhang has obtained a deep understanding of design and management of website development, including analysis, design and deployment. He is a talented senior manager with strong leadership capabilities.

He is also quick-witted, diligent and forward-looking. Graduated from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences in Beirut, he is experienced in providing A-Z solutions specific to the financial industry, with a passion for big data management, and building tailored business intelligence platforms.

He is currently responsible for structuring, developing and evolving high quality, extensible solutions to meet business demand for information as well as managing all aspects of analysis and report development to facilitate operational, portfolio and financial reporting. Au works closely with the team to devise revenue-generating marketing programs that elevate brand image, improve marketing productivity and build strategic partnerships to grow the business.Most work is independent, but interacting with co-workers is helpful and essential during training and development.


Pros Career advancement, salary, training benefits, retirement, leave policy, union protection, gym at work, highly qualified co-workers/5(34). David is a proven portfolio manager with almost two decades experience in multi asset portfolio management including 14 years as the lead portfolio manager of diversified funds at BlackRock Investment Management.

You should apply for an apprenticeship because you will gain more experience of the working world and the field of work you would like to be in at an early age, which will help you greatly.

Also, apprenticeships offer you the flexibility to see where you want your career to go it has opened my eyes a lot more and I now know that I want to go down a different path. The invaluable experience that I have gained during my time with past employers has provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to fulfill a demanding role.

Attention to detail is an essential performance criterion in my current role, and I pride myself on achieving excellence in this Gambling. My work experience has been nothing but top notch. When I completed my accounting degree, I went right to the best firm in the city and was hired as an intern.

I was able to use the internship time toward my MBA, which I just completed this past spring. Working with the best of the best has made me an asset to any company that will hire me. Joining the PHOENIX Executive Management team in , Joseph DiRenzo acts as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Formerly Director of Finance for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Northern Hospital Division, Joe is an experienced leader in health care finance.

Commercial Vehicle Engineer