Stone cold by robert swindells

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells Stone Cold by Robert Swindells — review Kids are disappearing, but no one cares… Linda Kornberg Krogh Saturday 26 March, Robert Swindells is known for writing thought-provoking novels about contemporary society and Stone Cold, published inis certainly one of them. One of the main characters in the novel is Link.

Stone cold by robert swindells

Geschreven bij Superscripts - Stone Cold Ever wanted to read a book about the streets? And not the rap-type that you mostly find. Stone Cold is a good example. Homeless people are easy targets for serial killers Interested?

He moves to London and loses his money. What options does he has?

Stone cold by robert swindells

But the cold and the hunger is mostly not the worst. It has lots of thoughts from the killer and the murder cases are very well planned.

The slot is a bit crappy and soft, but the main story is worth reading it. Next to the pain and the killing is also something goods. This story has lots of friendship in it and has lots of drama with finding and holding it. You could almost call it an roman.

Many reasons to start reading it; Living on the street, killing and friends. Almost does sound like a rap-story. Oh well, I recommend this book for all book readers. Vond je dit een nuttige review? Stone cold; zeer spannend met een schokkende ontknoping!!

Mill Geschreven bij Stone Cold Ik heb dit boek moeten lezen voor school. In het begin snapte ik er niet zo veel van. Doorlezen was het advies.

En dat heb ik gelukkig gedaan! De schrijver houdt alles expres in het begin een beetje misterieus met 2 verschillende verhaallijnen, zogauw deze zich kruisen wordt het heel spannend. De oud-militair heeft bepaalde gedachtes over dakloze mensen negatief alhoewel hij er zelf ook 1 is geweest.

Als de zwerver toevallig voor de zwerver lijkt het toevallig in contact komt met de zwerver raakt hij verstrikt in een verschrikkelijk scenario. Ik heb dit boek met heel veel plezier gelezen, het is spannend meeslepend en niet al te dik voor de wat minder gevorderde lezer .All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC.

We present them here for purely educational purposes. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Robert E. Swindells (born 20 March ) is an English author of children's and young adult fiction..

For the young-adult novel Stone Cold (Heinemann, ), which dealt with homelessness, he won the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognizing .

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Stone cold is a book written by Robert Swindells, the plot of the story is set on two people, one who is homeless (Link) and one who kills because he believes that the homeless ruin the place (Shelter). By Robert Swindells. S T U D E N T W O R K B O O K Stone Cold: Novel Questions Link Section 1 1.

What is the title of the novel? 2. Who is the author? Describe Vince. 7. How did Link end up homeless? Daily Routine Orders 1 1. How do we know someone different is speaking in this section? 2. What does he call himself? 3. Do you think this. A quiz based on Robert Swindells' book "Stone Cold".

The book is about a young man who has left home and gone to live in London. Average score for this quiz is 6 / Difficulty: times. As of Nov 15 Robert Swindells was born in Bradford in and continues to live in Yorkshire.

He left school at 15 and worked in a variety of jobs, including primary school teaching, before becoming a full-time writer/5(15).

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