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Ina record number of enterprises — 2, employers 14 times more than in the first year — were surveyed to compile the list of higher education institutions recommended by employers. Ratings Ratings provide RTU the opportunity to evaluate own performance in accordance with the international criteria and compare itself with other higher education establishments in Latvia and over the world.

Ruslans vanags

Scientific Research It comprises general information about RTU research units — departaments and institutes, the main research topics, scientific projects and academic and research staff as well as about the technical basis available.

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Excellence of scientific research activities is one of the main strategic aims of RTU. I believe that it is due to the results of the research work that in the nearest future RTU will be regarded as one of the most advanced and prestigious universities in the Baltic Sea region and will become an innovation centre not only for the development of Latvia but also for the whole Baltic region.

I wish RTU scientists a lot of exciting scientific discoveries!

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The results of scientific research activities at RTU reviewed in this Directory allow to conclude that the research work at RTU has had a number of positive developments: Scientific research work carried out by RTU researchers is the cornerstone of industrial development Ruslans vanags growth of national economy of Latvia.

I am confident that RTU researchers will continue their successful mission and ensure the high quality research which is so vital for the future of national economy of Latvia. I wish you a lot of energy and plenty of innovative ideas!

Ruslans vanags

Riga Technical University Prof. Scientific research is an integral part of the study process and is implemented in all study programmes of different scientific branches. Scientific research is carried out by proficient and competitive academic staff — RTU researchers have developed a number of innovative inventions and are Latvian, European and US patent holders.

Researchers are provided with advanced scientific equipment. RTU promotes intellectual potential and increased competitiviness. One of the most important objectives of RTU research is to strengthen the links between science and production and to increase the commercialisation of new technologies as well as to support innovation which is the key driving force of economy.

RTU offers favourable and encouraging environment for innovation and implements various projects of technology transfer. Despite financial pressure RTU with the support from Ministry of Economy founded Business Incubator in order to enhance the development of new, innovative enterprises and to ensure support for their first steps.

Ruslans vanags

RTU scientific research activities receive funding from various sources: State Budget, Latvian Council of Science, Ministry of Education and Science, national and field research programmes, different local and foreign research programmes, European Union EU and other international programmes.

The development of study process and new study methods and teaching materials, improvement of skills of academic and research staff, advanced information and technology transfer, purchase of new scientific equipment, more effective work of Doctoral Studies Department, favourable environment for research and studies and improved services of libraries are the results of the support from the European Union.

Riga Technical University has been the most active among educational institutions in Latvia in implementation of projects funded by European Social Fund ESF — 87 projects worth RTU is the only multi-branch technical universiy in Latvia.

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Presently it is the second university in relation to the number of students. In comparison with other institutions of higher education in Latvia RTU has the biggest number of state funded study places over 7 thousand.

RTU comprises 35 institutes, 49 departments, 35 divisions, 29 laboratories and 29 research centres. There are over doctoral students, academic staff of which are researchers.


The number of staff involved in research work is The present enrolment of students is 17 RTU is a leading research institution in Latvia in all Engineering branches./ LBJČH: U Fināls.

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