Kallang riverside park outdoor activities analysis

History[ edit ] In pre-colonial times, the aboriginal Biduanda Orang Kallang tribe lived in the swamps at the mouth of the Kallang River, and fished from their boats, seldom venturing out into the open sea. At the time of Sir Stamford Raffles landing in Singapore inhalf of the population of 1, were the Orang Kallang. Kallang River was also the place, where in the early days the Bugis traders from Sulawesi Celebes unloaded their cargoes of spices and tortoise shellsgold dust and slaves from their palari or their leteh-leteh. These sailing boats were a common sight off the sea front even up to the s.

Kallang riverside park outdoor activities analysis

Vibrant commercial and lifestyle centre When complete, Paya Lebar will offer plenty of opportunities for new businesses with the development of Paya Lebar Central, a new 12ha sub-regional centre located at the fringe of the city-centre. This will serve as the bustling heart of Paya Lebar Central, a lively focal point for commuters, shoppers, executives working in the area and residents.

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Paya Lebar Square, which is conveniently located right above Paya Lebar MRT Interchange, is a unique commercial development comprising a storey premium-grade office tower and a three-storey retail podium.

One KM, on the other hand, is a three-storey knowledge-and-education themed mall offering a slew of lifestyle, dining and edutainment options. In addition to the introduction of new commercial developments, the distinctive local identity will be enhanced with the future Wisma Geylang Serai and a new pedestrian mall and plaza space along Geylang Road.

Good connectivity Whether by foot, public transportation or by car, those living and working in Paya Lebar will get to enjoy utmost convenience as the area is well served by major expressways — PIE and the ECP — as well as major roads like Sims Avenue, Paya Lebar Road and Changi Road.

Getting around Paya Lebar Central itself will be a breeze for pedestrians with the addition of more connected covered walkways, underground walkways and overhead bridges. The walk along Geylang Road will also be more exciting with outdoor kiosks and delicious aromas wafting from cafes.

In addition, experts say that investors are interested to earn a spot in this area before it becomes a busy and highly developed activity hub in the near future.

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Paya Lebar Central, a bustling commercial hub, looks set to welcome a new hive of activity with offices, hotels, retail and attractive public spaces planned for it. Existing developments like Geylang Serai Market and festivities such as the Hari Raya Bazaars along Geylang Road contribute to the distinctive local Malay identity of the area.

This identity will be further enhanced with new public spaces and the upcoming new Geylang Serai Market. A vibrant commercial hub A vibrant commercial hub With about 12 ha of land in the area available for development translating to aboutsqm of commercial floor space, expect to see retail, hotel and office developments clustered around Tanjong Katong Road and Sims Avenue.

A new public plaza next to the Paya Lebar MRT Interchange will become a focal point for activities and a natural gathering spot for commuters, shoppers and the office crowd. As water levels stabilise with the completion of the Marina Barrage, the river can be integrated with future developments, creating attractive public spaces at the new commercial centre.

Fancy working, dining, shopping and relaxing by the scenic Geylang River amidst greenery around waterfront views? This will be possible when a newly constructed stretch of Geylang River right in the middle of a new commercial development along Tanjong Katong Road is completed. A mix of office, retail and hotel developments will bring life to the riverbanks.

Community buzz Think of Hari Raya and chances are you will associate it with the festive bazaars at Geylang Serai. Geylang Serai will see the completion of the redeveloped Geylang Serai Market in A new civic centre will also be developed next to the market, which will house a Community Club, Community Development Council offices and possibly even a community library.

A new plaza beside the civic centre will be a natural focal point for staging community events such as festive activities and bazaars. The design of the new civic centre can take into consideration the heritage and special character of the area.

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In addition, there is opportunity to explore incorporating a gallery in the civic building to showcase the local heritage and history of the area.The outdoor photo and video shoot is part of Tapestry Asia's on-going social project to engage music loving friends in the community, to participate in their activities and to promote friendship and camaraderie through common interests and aspirations.

Kallang Riverside is an upcoming residential development that is located at 51 Kampong Bugis, Rest of Central Region of the island. This freehold development’s site sits along Kampong Bugis and is just next to the Kallang Riverside Park.

It is where the former Singapore Johore Factories Building was located. The Kallang Riverside Park and East Coast Park provide fun outdoor areas for sporty individuals and families to engage in activities such as cycling, running or even water sports.

Kallang riverside park outdoor activities analysis

Both the Kallang and East Coast areas also boast a diverse range of food options where diners can enjoy delights alongside nature. Exposing Kallang Riverside to an even greater area of activity.

Kallang riverside park outdoor activities analysis

The increase of office spaces in the Kallang area and its surrounding area, will elevate Kallang Riverside’s position to be the most centralised location amongst 3 areas of major activities. Kallang Riverside is a real estate which has countless amenities and convenience with easy and immediate access to parks along the beautiful Kallang River and the new National Stadium with its sports hub for all the sports activities and events.

For nature lovers, 8 Riversuites is just a stone’s throw away from the MacRitchie Reservoir, Bishan Park and Kallang Riverside Park where you can take a nice relaxing stroll while amidst the lush greeneries.

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