Just say no to creative accounting

Traditional cover letter wisdom tells you to start a cover letter with something to the effect of:

Just say no to creative accounting

The fight cost him nine years of his life. April 21,9 a. Menendez is, by nature, precise and logical, but his first instinct was somewhat irrational.

He got up to close the door to his office, as if that might somehow keep the message from speeding across cyberspace. Then he sat down at his desk to puzzle out what had just happened. It was addressed to much of the accounting department.

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Everyone was to retain their documents until further notice. Read the discussion Panic gripped Menendez. The substance of the email was true. But those complaints were supposed to be kept strictly confidential.

Did the agency violate that trust? Did a board member? Ten minutes passed, maybe fifteen. Menendez finally could move. He got up, opened his office door carefully and looked out.

Step 2: Build Rapport with the Lender (People Like to do Business with People They Like)

The floor normally bustled at that hour in the mid-afternoon. It had cleared out.

Just say no to creative accounting

He turned around quickly, grabbed his computer and rushed out of the heavily secured Halliburton complex north of Sugarland, Texas. Menendez drove around for hours. At some point, he called his wife.

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He always thought the company would do the right thing and fix its accounting problem. More jaded, his wife was prepared for the worst. Then again, how would he know? He needed a lawyer — right now. He placed the call and got through.

Hilder heard Menendez out and then told him to listen carefully. Hilder instructed Menendez not to tell anyone, not even his wife. Now 44, Menendez speaks earnestly and insistently, with the carefully chosen words one would expect from an accountant.

He hid a bulky frame with a corduroy jacket over a black V-neck sweater. They told me about their long and agonizing fight against a powerful corporation.

Many whistleblowers come undone after they launch their fights. They have trouble keeping their jobs, their marriages, their sobriety. Even friends who are sympathetic often see them as pains in the ass.We've highlighted 25 creative ways to build your vacation savings, Just say no to stuff: Say no to stuff, and yes to experience, prioritizing your spending for vacation above other discretionary spending.

F Joint Strike Fighter's True Cost May Never Be Known, Amid Creative Accounting Fiascos

25 Creative Ways to Build Your Vacation Fund;. Just say no The best advice to companies and CFOs is just to say no, says Duthie.

‘From a practical perspective, it is easier to ban bribes, however small,’ he explains. Just Say "No" to Fresh Start No, "fresh start" is not a new healthful fast food chain.

Just say no to creative accounting

Instead, it is a purchase accounting model with respect to which the assets of both constituent corporations are revalued in connection with a transaction. Sep 19,  · It's easy to say "yes" to friends when they want to take off for the weekend or the summer on a trip. However, if you don't have the money you need to do so, just say "no." Spending money is a choice.

Your involvement in peer review makes quality accounting, auditing and attestation services possible. Go to PRIMA. CPA Exam Candidates; Creative—and Easy—Halloween Costumes for CPAs.

I would say we represented our trade well and showed that accountants can have fun and are not all numbers, all the time.” Uncle Sam. Costume. Say no. “Unfortunately, I can’t do both, so I have to say no to your project.” End with warmth by referring the requester to another person, making a suggestion, or just offering good wishes.

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