Jack kerouacs on the road a biography essay

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Jack kerouacs on the road a biography essay

Wearing a gunmetal suit and dark glasses, he played a zippy right-hand riff before turning to face the camera.

Jack kerouacs on the road a biography essay

Under the klieg lights, his sculptured face collected light like water, distributing it across his cheekbones and around the inkwells of his eyes.

Clad in a smart gray suit, he took a seat by the piano. That Kerouac claimed to have written On the Road in less than a month only added to his charisma; he seemed to be not just a poet but also a prophet, channeling exotic energy into his ecstatic prose.

And although Kerouac wrote the famous scroll of On the Road in three weeks, it took him years to arrive at the voice that animates the novel. His parents, Leo and Gabrielle, migrated from Quebec to New England with their families in the s, trading farms for factory towns. Kerouac and his two siblings, Gerard and Caroline, grew up saturated in la survivance, the peculiar Franco-American attachment to family, faith, and joual, the dialect of French that was their native tongue.

Drawn mostly from movies and street conversations, his spoken English embarrassed him.

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Her memoir Minor Characters, which won a National Book Critics Circle Award inchronicled her traumatic entry into the mid-century demimonde of downtown Manhattan with startling clarity.

In this book, as in that one, Johnson brings sensitivity and precision to the unraveling of a tempestuous journey. Instead there was a permanent sense of homesickness, all the more painful for not being attached to any one dwelling.

When the two of them lived together, for instance, Kerouac was irritatingly noncommittal: She might as well not have been there except for the effect she had on him. Rarely, in my experience, do those stories stir up as much excitement as the work of the people they portray.

The specific pathways that shaped his sound were utterly opaque to me. By the time he died inKerouac had written more than a dozen novels, hundreds of letters, and a number of poems.

Holed up in the hospital in after an attack of phlebitis, for instance, the result of drinking and abusing Benzedrine, Kerouac found the time to read The Brothers Karamazov, which, according to a journal entry that Johnson cites, catalyzed his decision to divide his personality in The Town and the City among three brothers named the Martins.

Applying that tactic to On the Road yields similarly interesting results. That novel was and probably sometimes still is criticized for being artless: Such a critique, Johnson demonstrates, is pure baloney.

Kerouac was also inspired, Johnson says, by an experiment with the language of his youth. In earlywhile living in a Chelsea rooming house with his second wife, he tried to compose a novel in French. The result, Les Travaux de Michel Bretagne: La Nuit est ma femme, ran only to the length of a novella, but contained a world of new ideas.

Abandoning the meticulously crafted sentences that had characterized The Town and the City, Kerouac employed a more direct style that anticipated the tone of On the Road. That so many of his characters and plots began as real people and events has persuaded some critics to liken his work to journalism.

But this is a small complaint. From his youth in the sandlots of Lowell until a low tackle and fractured tibia virtually ended his career at Columbia, which he attended on a football scholarship, Kerouac racked up an undetermined but doubtless dizzying number of hits.

Johnson notes that the maximum protection in those days amounted to a thin leather helmet — not much use for warding off the long-term effects of head trauma that scientists are only now beginning to understand.Jack Kerouac A pioneer and icon of the beat generation, Jack Kerouac was an American novelist and poet best known for his broad vision and influential work.

A Literary Analysis Of Jack Kerouac's On The Road - Term Papers

A stylish personality reflected in his work which is a blend of issues ranging from poverty, drugs and travelling to jazz, spirituality and Buddhism.

This practical and insightful reading guide offers a complete summary and analysis of On the Road by Jack Kerouac. It provides a thorough exploration of the novel’s plot, characters and main themes, as well as an examination of the importance and impact of the Beat Generation.

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Kerouac, Jack

Jack Kerouac’s On the Road The immediate success of On the Road established Kerouac’s reputation as a prominent member and leading spokesman of a new generation of writers, the Beats. If your idea of being On the Road involves Willie Nelson or Chevy Chase, then, buddy, you’re way, way iridis-photo-restoration.com the world of Shmoop, the road is about rushing headfirst toward the horizon, arms outstretched, yelling “Okay, world!

Critical Essays on Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" illustrates the richness of the critical work currently being undertaken on this vital American narrative. Combining essays from renowned Kerouac experts and emerging scholars, What's Your Road, Man?

draws on an enormous amount of research into the literary, social, cultural, biographical, and.

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