Human resource management in coca cola company

Coke Cola Coca Cola:

Human resource management in coca cola company

HR management at Coca Cola: An environment driven by learning and Inclusion Most global companies have understood the importance of Human Resource management for acquiring success globally. Human resource management has become central to excellent performance.

It is why the focus of the companies has remained on hiring only the best. However, apart from hiring, it is also critical to manage them in a way that they can deliver with dedication. Employee motivation and engagement have become critical to organizational success. Human resources if managed well can be a source of competitive advantage.

All the leading global companies have invested in HR management to help their employees deliver excellent performance. Coca Cola is a leading beverage brand known for excellent human resource management. Creating an environment of learning and development: There are a few things that are critical to the motivation of staff.

Human resource management in coca cola company

Apart from good salaries and recognition, it is essential to keep them motivated using other means too. Coca Cola has made it a priority that its employees are treated with respect and the organization provides them with a rewarding work life and helps them develop.

Human Rights Policy: The Coca-Cola Company

A learning environment is just as essential for employee development and motivation as is good salary. Br providing the employees with a learning environment, coca cola ensures that they receive continuous learning and find continuous growth in their jobs.

It ensures that all the people who are working for it have the resources that enable them to learn and build their careers. However, learning is not possible without fun and Coca Cola ensures that its employees also get the necessary fun while working. The focus is to make Coca Cola a great place to work where people can achieve their full potential.

Coca Cola has focused on providing its associates with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their hundred percent.

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It has showed its commitment by providing its people at all levels with education and development programs that enable their growth. It established its own Coca Cola University CCU which provides various types of courses through classrooms, e-learning, and field training that can help its associates with personal and professional development both.

We offer thousands of courses to associates through CCU. Another important step that Coca Cola has taken to encourage its associates is to provide them with reimbursement to help them pursue higher level education. Associates with graduate or undergraduate level education are provided various levels of reimbursement to receive higher education at accredited colleges and institutions.

Human resource management in coca cola company

Apart from it, the associates are allowed to learn from other e-learning courses beyond the CCU. They can also participate in external training programs and conferences that improve their skills and abilities.

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Employee engagement is an important factor behind employee motivation.Coca Cola is a leading beverage brand known for excellent human resource management. Creating an environment of learning and development: There are a few things that are critical to the motivation of staff.

Sales and Account Management. It’s representing The Coca-Cola Company to the world. Millions of servings a day, billions of dollars a year. Learn what it's like to be a guide at the World of Coca-Cola. Human Resources. The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is a total beverage company.

Strategic Resources Management: A case study of Coca Cola Company 3 Role of HRM in Coca-Cola Company Human Resource Management is a very important aspect of development in every organisation, creating this management department is considered to be the first to the development and success of the company.

According to the Director Human. Human resource management is an essential part for any organization.

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Moreover, development of this department is the first step, the ground on which the future of the company depends.5/5(1). Coca Cola:Human Resource Management Coke Cola Human resources management is an essential part of an organization,this is a process of finding, developing and keeping the right people to form a qualified workforce (Williams & McWilliams, , p).

Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of The Coca-Cola Company. For more than years, the Company has built a reputation on trust and respect and we are committed to earning that trust with a set of values that represent the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

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