How to write a lil wayne verse

During an interview with Funk Master Flex, Wayne mentions his plans of releasing his new album and releases the first single Right Above it. Even being locked away in prison didn't stop Wayne, not to mention the over the phone freestyle from Rykers Island on the song Light Up by Drake. Maybe Wayne knew he was heading to prison but he wasn't going to let it phase him.

How to write a lil wayne verse

Preferably a verb about running away from the law or from an assailant. Connnect the verb to some sort of simile.

So maybe you can "duck like Scrooge. Also for bonus points talk about how "sweet" you are. This way they can also compare you to the Wire.

Just remember to connect all that "slanging keys" talk with a simile. Declare that you are Weezy F. This will tell listeners who you are. It makes him seem like F. That my friends is a slippery slope.

Music critics love hustling. Presumably, they are devotees to the energetic style of basketball popularized by players like Ben Wallace, Kurt Rambis and Mark Madsen. This will make them feel at home.

Call him your Daddy. Forget the fact that the majority of people that call other men "daddy" are prostitutes. Mention something that Baby told you. Maybe that he told you that "these is.

Ignore the fact that you call a man named "Baby," "Daddy. Make some sort of obvious pop culture technology reference. It will show that Wayne is not completely retarded just partially and might have actually read a newspaper once or twice.

Which clearly means he is a genius.

The essentials from Wayne's vast catalogue.

Talk about how poorly you treat women. This will definitely do much to steer people away from those nasty "gay" rumors. Apropos to nothing, make some sort of remark about Hurricane Katrina.

No need to bother making it have anything to do with the rest of the verse. After all, never underestimate white liberal guilt. Any sort of name-dropping will make white liberals feel bad and they will forget the fact that Wayne is a multi-millionaire and anoint him the voice of the people.

Also, be sure to make wild ridiculous conspiracy theories like claiming that you heard George Bush blew up the levees. The more absurd the better. Proclaim yourself the "Greatest Rapper Alive.

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If you proclaim yourself the greatest, you will be the greatest. Or at least people will be foolish enough to buy this canard. Fame, Fortune and anonymity Await You.

how to write a lil wayne verse

Feel free to produce your own little Wayne verse in the comments. Or just send it directly to Cash Money. The Ghostwriting Hotlines are open now!Check out Tapout (Explicit Version) [feat.


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Discover new music on MTV. Lil Uzi Vert's cover story in The FADER's Sex Issue, featuring an interview in Hawaii. T.I. released his debut album, I'm Serious, in October through Arista Records.

The album spawned the eponymous single, which featured Jamaican reggae artist Beenie Man.T.I.'s debut single, "I'm Serious," was released on June 26, Oct 26,  · This Site Might Help You.

RE: How to Write a Lil' Wayne Verse in 10 Easy Steps? 1. Pick a Verb.

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Preferably a verb about running away from Status: Resolved. Apr 21,  · Writing rap music can be difficult. Learn how to write a good rap verse in this free video clip. Expert: Jason Bio: Jason has been a .

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