How to write a homeschool mission statement

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How to write a homeschool mission statement

There are articles to read, decisions to make, and curriculum to acquire. What happens when you start planning your homeschool year without a vision?

What will you get when you make decisions apart from a mission? The fact is, there are way too many options. There are too many methods, styles, curriculums, co-ops, classes, and opportunities to consider.

There are different ways of looking at vision, mission, objectives and goals. The way I see it, vision and mission are mostly interchangeable.

On the other hand, when you boil it down, Jesus is our vision.

A simple mission statement. Companies typically write a mission statement to define who they are and what they stand for, as well as their intended goals a verbal snapshot if you will. While vitally important to companies, a mission statement can prove equally . • How to Develop a Family Mission Statement (Audio Cassette, ) by Stephen R. Covey (ISBN #) Charmaine Wistad has successfully homeschooled her own two children from pre-school through high school. Do you have a homeschool mission statement? If not, I would encourage you to sit down and take time to think about and write down your purpose for homeschooling, as well as your priorities and goals.. Having a mission statement helps when you get discouraged and struggle on those hard days.

Our mission is to homeschool for the glory of God, and align our efforts in that direction. Casting a Vision, Defining the Mission What does it mean to have a vision for your homeschool?

how to write a homeschool mission statement

How can you define your mission? Here are some questions to ponder: What do I want the end result of our homeschooling journey to be? What inspired our decision to homeschool? What is the purpose or value of homeschooling? What do I want my children to say about their homeschooling experience when they have graduated?

How do our family values and culture influence our homeschool vision? It is the anchor that keeps you going on the hard days and persevering when you are just plain tired. It is your compass, helping you to navigate the homeschool waters, set good goals, and make balanced decisions. Writing Out Your Mission Take some time to start the writing process yourself.

Begin by thinking over the questions above or talking them through with your husband. Write down what you come up with. Anything else that really influences your homeschool vision? Re-write, pare down, and make your mission statement as concise as possible without losing the important points.

Our Homeschooling Vision and Mission Here is what we have so far for our own homeschool mission statement.

how to write a homeschool mission statement

Jesus is our vision. We purpose to educate our children in a way that brings glory to God. Raising them up to know and love the Lord Teaching them how to love their neighbors as themselves Equipping them for the work God will call them to do for His kingdom Providing the social, moral, and educational environment that will help them thrive most We believe homeschooling is the best choice to accomplish this vision.

Proper socialization Parents as primary influencers and educators A reverence for God and His Word A biblical worldview A solid work ethic and family values Strong relationships with siblings Flexible education that is tailored to needs and interests Rigorous academics, but with a focus on relationships above all else Serving others together in the name of Christ Your Mission Statement There are many ways to think about and write your mission statement.After casting the vision for your homeschool and writing a mission statement, setting homeschool goals is something you’ll want to spend some time on each is such a helpful step to focus your homeschooling efforts!

You’ll be putting your mission statement to work and setting some goals you can actually accomplish. Write a Family Mission Statement in 5 Steps When we speak about intentional parenting to various parent and moms groups, a question we often hear is: How do we write a family mission statement, and why is it important?

Because homeschool doubts are common, it is wise to brainstorm with your spouse and children to formulate a homeschool mission statement so that you have a clear picture of your homeschooling goals.

Such a statement can help you get back on track if you’ve strayed too far from your purpose or reassure you if it's clear that you haven't. Your Mission Statement. There are many ways to think about and write your mission statement. The idea is to find what fits your family best and what will help you define goals to keep you focused in the right direction.

When you’ve developed your mission statement as best you can, write or print it up. Our Homeschool Mission. We wrote our mission statement. Our homeschool mission is: To cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

I would definitely like to write some more about that in the future! I LOVE the idea of finding a way to make homeschooling work for you, even for a short while. Our Mission Statement.

The NCHEA is a volunteer, non-profit organization founded in whose mission is to encourage and support Christian families in the education of their children at home in accordance with Biblical principles (Proverbs and Ephesians ) and to support the rights of Christian parents to homeschool their children.

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