History of the northern fleet

These ships departed from Kronstadt on 18 May and arrived at Murmansk on 5 August. Another destroyer, another patrol boat, another submarine, and two minesweepers joined the flotilla at Soroka in September

History of the northern fleet

If to Baltic fleet during May were carried out years, Black Sea -then northern on 1 June were carried out 69 years.


For the sake of fairness it should be noted that more than years was ago made the first attempt at the creation of fleet on the north. In on the indication of Peter I in Arkhangelsk was placed Solombal'skaya shipyard and the building of warships began.

On 14 August,the constructed in Solombale cannon frigate "holy Pavel", purchased in Holland cannon ship "holy prophecy" and yacht "holy Peter" under the bel-blue- red flag under the management of Peter left to sea, accompanying eight English merchant it was ship.

But warships in the White Sea for long did not remain, but they were transferred on to Baltic region.

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In on the north appeared the first connection squadron of the Russian warships, which accomplished cruising from the Norwegian to of Kara Sea, preventing thus the approach of Swedish fleet into the Russian harbors and the arbitrariness of their ships on the coast of Murman.

As first commander was appointed Zakhar Alexandrovich zakupnev. Severomortsy napryazhenno worked in always, mastering northern maritime theater, ships and technology, they improved its combat skill.

In the submarine division for the first time completed march to Novaya Zemlya. In the submarine "d-th" conducted to sea days, after passing more than 11 thousand miles. In two destroyers Of "voykov" and "Stalins" completed unprecedented passage from the Transarctic to the Far East northern by sea.

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In the submarine "D -3" accomplished for the first time in the history of navy under-ice floating, 30 minutes went under ices. In the first in the history passage of submarine of the polar into Vladivostok was realized northern by sea.

History of the northern fleet

On 11 May,by the order of the people commissioner of defense flotilla was preobrazovana into the northern fleet. Commander of the navy assigned the flag officer of 1 ranks Constantine Ivanovich dushenov. The first baptism of fire fleet accepted in the war with Finland It actively acted on the seaside flank of the 14th army.

World War II was severe testing for the young northern fleet. At the beginning of war the fleet contained 15 submarines, 8 destroyers, 7 destroyer escorts, other spacecraft.

Aviation counted combat aircraft. During the entire war the fleet reliably covered the seaside flank of the 14th army from landings and firings of enemy ships, protected its sea communications, by continuous impacts on the communications of enemy it disrupted the transport transportation of enemy and it deprived its initiatives at sea.

Fleet landed troops and reconnaissance detachments into the rear of enemy, formed and sent to the land front of the part of marines. Severomortsy became famous in combat in the environs of Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, in the North Caucasus. Opposing with the large forces of enemy, seamen appeared mass heroism, raided enemy on the water, under water, in air and on dry land.

More than warships is destroyed and are damaged by the naval forces, transports and auxiliary are ship enemy, aircraft of enemy, piloting 76 union escorts with transports and escort ships is provide ford. On the internal communications of the Arctic Ocean were carry ouied escorts.

Severomortsy remember and chtut the names of the hero- submariners Ivan kolyshkin, Mohammed Gadzhiyeva, Nikolai lunina, Grigoriy Shchedrin, Israel Fisanovicha, Fedor vidyaeva, the pilots Boris safonov, Ivan katunin, Zakhara Sorokin, Peter sgibneva, katernikov of Aleksandr shabalin, Vladimir Alekseyev, Sergey korshunovich, courageous intelligence officers of Victor Leonov, Sergey agafonov, Ivan katorzhny, marines Vasiliy kislyakov, Ivan sivko, Anatoliy bredov and many other unbending defenders of the Transarctic.

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The Northern Fleet (Russian: Северный флот, Severnyy Flot) is the fleet of the Russian Navy in the Arctic Ocean. [1] Established in by the Soviet Union as the Northern Flotilla, the fleet is considered to indirectly descend from the Arctic Sea Flotilla established in by the Russian Empire to protect the White Sea during Branch: Russian navy.

Jul 09,  · Remarkable Museum of the Russian Northern Fleet Although the building isn't in the best shape and some of the displays aren't professional this is still worth a visit to see hundreds of years of Russian Naval history.4/4(42).

* Please note that the average fleet age is based on our own calculations and may differ from actual figures! Only supported aircraft types that are active with this airline are included in the calculations.

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history of the northern fleet .

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Northern Fleet - History. From the fleets of Russia northern - youngest. If to Baltic fleet during May were carried out years, Black Sea - , then northern on 1 June were carried out 69 years.

History of the northern fleet
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