Geico case study essay

GEICO Advertisement Advertisements are meant to convey a message to the potential consumers apart from persuading them to purchase certain product or use the offered services. The message has a channel that is unique in its delivery method as well as the developed visual effects that help to convince the consumers. The objective is usually to showcase the abilities and benefits of the brand advertised. The GEICO advertisement on car insurance shows several apples on one side with another quarter piece next to it.

Geico case study essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Warren Buffet is focused on the future cash flow that GEICO may generate, and use this to value the company before a purchase of stocks.

Warren Buffet believed that GEICO was undervalued on the stock market and that they were stronger than what the current stock price said. He had Geico case study essay had his eyes on the company since as early aswhen he made his first investment in the company.

Geico case study essay

GEICO was a company that Buffett were comfortable with and which he had followed closely for over four decades, which follows his investment philosophy to aim for long-term investments. With the insight in the company and the way that GEICO performed businesses compared to other insurance companies it had performed very well previously.

These results have been possible because the company bypasses agents, selling directly to the consumer, concentrating on low-risk drivers.

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It also has among the lowest administrative costs in the insurance business because it sells most policies over the phone without using insurance agents. Los Angeles Times also mention in their article the day after the announcement from Buffett that analysts speculated in that by acquiring GEICO, Buffett tried to groom a successor.

Warren Buffett, 65 years at this time, tried to find a stable management team for Berkshire Hathaway in case of that he would have to step down.

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The acquisition of GEICO was thereby not just an investment in a company that made good profits, but also an investment for Berkshire Hathaway to remain stable in the future with a good management team. Instead of lowering the capital that Berkshire Hathaway had in direct cash, and paying with shares of his own company, there was no direct negative cash flow out from Berkshire Hathaway.

Page Walt Disney Company: This shows that the announcement had a direct impact of the stock price. The reason for the increase in the stock price in Berkshire Hathaway was dependant on several factors.

Another factor that also comes into play in this case is the famous track record of Warren Buffett when it comes to investing. B How well has Berkshire Hathaway performed? In its investments in convertible preferred securities?

Berkshire Hathaway has a very good proven track record, due to the investments in stable companies that may provide a good future cash flow. According to Exhibit 5 we can estimate returns on stock for each year from to and annual growth rate on earnings per share.Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed.

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Geico case study essay

View Essay - Major Case Analysis- GEICO from GBA at Saint Leo University. Major Case Analysis: GEICO Saint Leo University GBA June 10, GEICO GEICO or Government Employees Insurance Find Study Resources.

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